Decision-Making by Consent

At April’s Commonomics reunion, we discussed next steps using a form of Sociocratic decision-making called Picture Forming. Here’s how it works:

Rather than start with proposals, first flesh out the issue. We asked each person, “What should we keep in mind when deciding what to do next?”

Our answers led us to ask a second question: “Why are we having trouble sustaining the momentum from the two November events?” Most people said, “gaps in communication: nobody knows what others are doing.”

With this clarity, we quickly decided to write this newsletter and launch the website. The results are in your hands!

What let us to Sociocracy? In a better world near us, decisions will still have to made and process matters. In Kees Boeke’s words: “We are so accustomed to majority rule as a necessary part of democracy that it is difficult to imagine any democratic system working without it. It is true that that it is better to count heads than to break them.”

Sociocracy is a form of self-organization that allows organizations and businesses to function within the current system to get us from “here” to “there” non-violently. Here is more; for non-profits see this.


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