Homesteading Opportunity in Rhode Island

I own a roughly 12-acre property in Hopkinton, RI, consisting of a 4-bedroomed house and a ten-acre managed woodlot, which provides me with enough wood to almost entirely heat my house via wood oven and stove. Photovoltaic solar panels, which support nearly all electricity usage, and a battery backup system in case of National Grid outages, are both installed. Outside the back door is a small fenced in kitchen garden of three raised (22″ high) beds each 4′ by 10′. Further off is a a larger (roughly 20′ by 40′) garden with Asian pear trees and lots of raspberries. Both are farmed in no-till style and provide a generous amount of vegetables for the year, all organic.

There is enough land for more gardening, and it seems to me that I have the basis for a small-scale experiment in communal living and/or food-raising. I have thought of a room-for-work arrangement, possibly a handyman to help with the heavy stuff and/or a woman to help with the housekeeping. Perhaps a visit by Commonomics participants could aid in forming the basis for a visioning session.

  • Pat Fontes


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