Our Next Steps: Getting ready to move forward into the new year!

We hope you all had a great Holiday Season filled with love and laughter! I’d first like to thank everyone who came out to the 4th Annual Knox Parks Harvest Market on November 22nd, 2014. It was a spectacular event with great vendors, delicious food and awesome music. We met many wonderful people and shared information on food preservation, indoor gardening and medicinal herbs. Thanks for making it out to see us and making that day a great success! We couldn’t have done it without you!

And now that the holidays are over, we will be regrouping to continue planning for the 2015 year. We have some upcoming opportunities to share skills and empower and build community that we will be exploring. We have been asked by other local grassroots organizations around the state to collaborate on some events this year, and we will be holding our own event in the spring as the gardening season begins.

Save the date! Commonomics’ Spring Event will be on Saturday, April 25th, just in time for planting! We will feature seasonal discussions and educational workshops, as well as local vendors and community organizations focused on sustainability and alternatives in economics.

Currently we are still looking for skill shares, speakers, local vendors, and community organizations to participate in our spring event. If you’d like to get involved or stay updated and find out more information please contact us at commonomicsct@gmail.com, follow us on Facebook, or continue to follow our newsletters that we will be sending out periodically with lots of  information to keep you updated!


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