Success at UnTamed and Loose!

Last weekend was a great success for Commonomics at UnTamed and Loose Pop-up Art Gallery and Live Music at Whirlyball in Enfield, CT! Huge thanks to Quest Arts for inviting us out. We had a blast talking about Commonomics and dancing the night away with some great people! The music was awesome and there were so many unique, creative artists.

Thank you everyone who stopped by our booth and took a moment to speak with us. We look forward to seeing you again and hopefully working with all of you beautiful people in some form down the road to create a better world!

If you liked any of the Cold and Flu Remedies or any of the Do-it-Yourself Health/Beauty Care products we showcased you can find resources for all of them at our Do It Yourself page.

Or, if you are interested in finding out what resources are in your own community check out our Community Resources page or our CSA Resource Guide. And if you don’t see something listed on there that you think should be, give us a shout!


Photo Credit: Kristine LoveShine



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