Homesteading Opportunity in Rhode Island

I own a roughly 12-acre property in Hopkinton, RI, consisting of a 4-bedroomed house and a ten-acre managed woodlot, which provides me with enough wood to almost entirely heat my house via wood oven and stove. Photovoltaic solar panels, which support nearly all electricity usage, and a battery backup system in case of National Grid outages, are both installed. Outside the back door is a small fenced in kitchen garden of three raised (22″ high) beds each 4′ by 10′. Further off is a a larger (roughly 20′ by 40′) garden with Asian pear trees and lots of raspberries. Both are farmed in no-till style and provide a generous amount of vegetables for the year, all organic.

There is enough land for more gardening, and it seems to me that I have the basis for a small-scale experiment in communal living and/or food-raising. I have thought of a room-for-work arrangement, possibly a handyman to help with the heavy stuff and/or a woman to help with the housekeeping. Perhaps a visit by Commonomics participants could aid in forming the basis for a visioning session.

  • Pat Fontes


New Commonomics – CT Website

Following the second Commonomics meeting in April 2014, the website Commonomics CT ( has been recently launched. Connecticut and Western Rhode Island are home to a wealth of grassroots efforts to develop a more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable future, moving away from the status quo that is no longer working for us and our communities. This website has been developed to serve as a central networking hub for these groups and organizations across the state to connect, learn, and share their ideas in alternative economics for more local and global community sustainability. We encourage and invite all who are interested to join and participate with us in building a better future.

Welcome to the new Commonomics Connecticut Networking Site!

Here you can find resources in our communities. We are beginning with the Windham vicinity network and hopefully will be able to expand to other parts of the state. Our purpose is for all the people who are working on grassroots efforts to develop a more socially, environmentally and just economy and integrative community and lifestyle through communication and cross cultivation.  If you and/or your group/organization are interested in joining this network please contact us directly or set up an account. You can ask to be an Editor or Author to contribute ideas, calendar updates/events/meetings/locations/contact and information, etc. about what you are doing/what your organization is about.