Community Resources

Looking for resources for ideas, or want to connect and get involved with an organization or project in your community or surrounding community? Here we have listed many organizations, groups, and projects throughout Connecticut to choose from. Find one that is right for you!

If your organization, group, or project is not listed here, and you would like to see it listed, please contact us with your name, the name of your organization, group, or project, a one-sentence description, your webpage and contact information. We will get it listed up here for others to find and work with.

Find Resources by Region and Town!

Hartford County, Manchester

–  Manchester Area Sustainability Cooperative: The Manchester Area Sustainability Cooperative (MASC) strives to empower and educate our community to thr​ive with holistic and sustainable initiatives to meet ecological and economical needs while bringing the heart back to humanity.

Additional Resources…

Want to learn what more about Resource Based Economies and Sustainability? Check out these websites for more information.

The Resource Based Economy –

Food Is Free Project –


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