About Commonomics CT

The Mission of Commonomics is to contribute to building local communities for a global model through social, economic, and environmental education and skills sharing. We believe that strong communities are built from the ground up. At the local level is where people can be most effective to create the big changes that ultimately ripple throughout the world, impacting both our present and future. We are dedicated to building these strong local communities for our world in order to ensure that future generations don’t face the same social and environmental dilemmas we face today.

We agree with Betty Reardon when she says, “the general purpose of peace education… is the development of an authentic planetary consciousness that will enable us to function as global citizens and to transform the present human condition by changing the social structures and patterns of thought that have created it” (Barash, 2014, p. 21) Education is fundamental in creating the changes toward sustainability and peace we are working to achieve.

Our History

Commonomics began in the summer of 2013 as a small group of individuals with a desire to showcase the multitude of unique economic models and communities already existing in Connecticut. We held our first event in November 2013 in Hartford with over 70 people attending. We brought together a variety of groups, including an organization that exchanges hours as currency, people with information about foraging, and a community that is working to become as self-sustainable as possible. From that event, an organization formed, called the Manchester Area Sustainabilty Cooperative, that built two community gardens and began a compost collection program this summer.


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